Sugaring is an effective and safe method of removing excess hair from any area of the body. Women are attracted by the effectiveness, duration of the result, and affordable price of the procedure. Sugar paste is made from natural ingredients that do not cause allergies. Caramel is applied to the skin against the hair growth and removed along with unwanted hair in its direction. Since the method is becoming more and more popular, many are wondering how long does sugaring last and does sugaring last longer than waxing.


How Long Does Sugar Wax Last

When wondering “how long does sugar waxing last”, it is useful to clarify the nuances. Namely, how long does sugaring last compared to waxing depends on the area of the body:


How long does sugaring wax last? It depends on various factors:

Sugaring Results

Does sugaring or waxing last longer, you may ask? There are practically no differences in the duration of the effect because these two techniques are very similar.

If sugaring is done regularly, the hairs gradually become thinner and begin to grow more slowly. If you resort to sugar paste occasionally or alternate this method with shaving, you should not count on slowing down growth and changing the structure of the hair. Therefore, the answer to the question “how long does sugar wax last” is directly related to the other question “how often to sugar wax” because frequency and regularity of the procedures are very important.

How long does sugaring last the first time? Usually, smoothness does not last too long (maximum 2.5 weeks). The fact is that the hairs are always in different phases of growth. Therefore, at the time of the first use of sugar paste, 30-40% of the hair usually either has a minimum length or has not yet appeared on the surface of the skin. It is these new hairs that you will see some time after depilation. The second time the master will remove them. After a few procedures, the growth of most hairs will even out. Therefore, you will enjoy smooth skin for up to 3-4 weeks. This is the answer to the question “how often should you sugar wax”.


How Long Should Hair Be For Sugaring

Insufficient or excessive hair length affects the result of sugaring. How long should the hair be for the procedure to be most effective?

In general, we can say that the ideal length for sugar depilation is 1/5 inch. Such hairs are most firmly attached to the paste and are removed from the body completely without breaking off. This length is the best due to the following reasons:

How Long Does Sugaring Brazilian Last

Brazilian epilation is a sugaring procedure in the intimate area, as a result of which the hairs on the pubis, labia, perineum, and buttocks are removed. Hair in the bikini area is usually coarser and thicker.

How long does bikini sugaring last? On average, the smoothing effect will last about 2 weeks after the first procedure. After regular procedures, the hair will change its structure and become thinner, softer, and sparse. This will extend the effect of sugaring up to 4 weeks.


Sugaring Before And After

To prolong the effect of sugaring, you should follow all the rules before and after the procedure. Before depilation with sugar paste, the skin should be dry and fat-free. The hairs that can be removed along with the bulbs should be about ⅕ inch.

To begin depilation, the master will sprinkle your body with a small amount of talcum powder. This trick helps to stick the sugar paste to the cuticle even more. 

After the session, avoid hot baths and do not play sports. It is also worth choosing special products to slow down hair growth.

For 24 hours after the procedure, avoid intensive tanning or solarium. Do not use body care products with chemical additives.

If you follow all the rules and recommendations of a specialist, you can significantly extend the effect after sugaring any area of the body and enjoy the result for up to 4-5 weeks.

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